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Weekend Away

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

When going away my preference is typically the road less traveled, however as soon as lock down is over my dream weekend away would in fact be to Paris

Morning champagne (and it must be champagne) on the Eurostar. The sweet taste of strawberries and freshly baked almond croissants from Aux Pain du Papy, a quaint and unassuming patisserie smartly located just by the Eurostar. A little taste of France whilst still on British soil.

The first day naturally involves Getting lost in the streets of Paris, amongst the grand architecture, visiting galleries and taking a tour in order to expand my little knowledge of French history.

Waking up at Hotel Plaza Athenee as the sun rises behind the Eiffel Tower. Morning coffee in hand, whilst I watching the warm rays playfully dancing around the grand structure. Dressed only in hotel robes post bath, both my guilty pleasure. An indulgence? Certainly not. A necessity? Absolutely.

Yesterday provided Enough culture, I also dream of visiting Disney. To be swept away by the parade, the joyous sounds of song performed by all the characters of my childhood. My eyes will no doubt be lit up all day, just as the unmissable fireworks light up the sky at night.

Dinners will be al fresco. I will be so lost in conversation that the humming a of chatter in the background dissipates. Days end with midnight in Paris, strolling across the river as the stars glisten down on me. You could call me a romantic, but if not Paris then where? If is the city of love after all.

Paris, a cliche? Yes. A place filled of dreams and fuelled by magic? Also, yes.

(photo not my own)

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