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“I don't believe you.. AT ALL”

- my mum to me

You might not expect such an extreme response for what I'm about to share, however as someone who was previously an Executive Assistant, who breathes itineraries, travel, organisation and control, planning holidays is my forte. Yet for my 30th trip to The Bahamas, I handed the reins over to Tania and Nicole from Vgari Lifestyle, who quite honestly blew my mind with what they planned.

Read below to find out why...

Creating any travel experience is never an easy task, especially with the ups and downs of the past two years.. then Omicron, my very high standards along with such a golden birthday. Considering all these factors, the pressure was truly on for both ladies. Yet they took it under their belt without a flinch of hesitation.

What made the trip so special was a combination of factors; their personal added touches, next level concierge service, thoughtfulness to consistent communication. They more than surpassed my expectations and standards of what a holiday could be.

As we all know it has been a challenging time for the travel industry, and as someone who has always booked trips myself- I can truly see the difference in having the support and guidance of experts like Tania and Nicole. It is clear to me now that being supported by someone else relieves a lot of pressure, and creates a lot of space to focus on getting excited versus the load I put on myself to know it all and plan everything meticulously.

Over the course of the pandemic I have lost touch with exploring new parts of the world, and after coming home I now realise how important this is for me personally. Collectively too, we must not just limit ourselves to the four corners of our home… Although ironically I contracted COVID after the trip so that has proven impossible! After an exhausting few months leading up to the trip I thank my lucky stars that we met… Because it was truly a trip of a lifetime.

So in hindsight (a wonderful thing) despite the fact that handing the control over to a third party was something I never felt at all comfortable with doing, and something which others were shocked that I did. It's a decision I would never look back on- Tania, Nicole and I are already planning my next trip, so it's safe to say that the travel bug has well and truly landed!

The Vgari Difference

  • Added touches such as birthday extras - which were personalised and thoughtful

  • Custom tailored trip design

  • White-glove trip management – booking and reconfirmation of all travel components for seamless and stress-free travel

  • ‘Next level’ concierge service – advice and booking of all components of your travel including, dining, spa, experiences, travel insurance, currency exchange, covid and visa entry requirements etc.

  • On-demand access – when you need them. The Vgari Lifestyle team is there for you

  • Personalised “live” itinerary – so you are informed and organized with every change

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