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Val Gardena & Ortesei Restaurant Guide


The grand alpine building located on the outskirts of the town is certainly worth the trip. Possibly my favourite restaurant in the world, as someone who doesn’t eat meat to say I couldn’t have enough of the beef tartare is a statement in itself. The restaurant is creative, rivals the progressive and high standards of the London restaurant scene and has a menu which will make your eyes pop and belly growl. The waiters were all so much fun and each night was as, if not more, special than the last. I could write a book about how incredible this restaurant is, but I’ll leave it for you to discover yourself. (pictured below).

Mauritz Keller

Step into Mauritz Keller and you will be greeted by the wonderful Ladin welcome. The staff are friendly, on the ball and it’s clear they want you to have a relaxing and enjoyable dining experience.

A menu as long as my arm featuring local specialities with other well known Italian favourites. Whether it’s pizza, meat, pasta, salads- whatever you want I have no doubts you will find it. The food is simple, delicious and more than satisfying. Definitely needed after a long hike.

Baite Sofie

The owners of Sofie produce their own gin which is distilled in the Dolomites. It is a must try- clean, crisp and after a long hike or not goes down far, far too well. The owners are very passionate about making sure each guest has a lovely dining experience and words cannot describe how staggering the views are from this restaurant.

You'll find regional specialties on the menu, cooked in a modern yet homely way.


Checcos: meat focused, amazing service and very high quality food

Bar Vives: the owner couldn’t do enough for us, the food was delicious but the restaurant itself can be quiet

Refugios/ Huttes

What is a refugio? Think of a remote wooden guesthouse with rustic, alpine comfort located along a hiking trail. As you follow your remote trail, which snakes through mountainous terrains, your refigio will offer the exact refuge your day will bring. A warm meal? Yes. A bed for the night? Of course. Or maybe a pint of beer? They have it all covered.

Bring cash as many do not accept card. The menus are all fairly similar, featuring tratidional food and small menus.


Located in the middle of Sasso Lungo (pictured below), some of the most rewarding views you will find.


Nestled in the most unexpected of locations, close to Col Raiser and the UNESCO viewing point. This refugio is enchanting and without a doubt my most favourite.

Daniel Hutte

A timber paradise, the food is sourced from their own farm, it is more up market than others. (pictured above).


Located on Seceda at the foot of the hike up Pic. The owner is very informative and gives great tips. We didn't eat here but many of the guides in Ortisei say this is their favourite!


A magical, almost dream like refugio set amongst rolling hills at the foot of the magestic Seceda. Say "hi" to the fluffy cows on your way down.

Ice Cream

It wouldn't be one of my reviews without mentioning ice cream!

Gelateria Gioia

The best in Ortisei, cheaper than chips (€1.50), a huge range of flavours and cute tree trunk carved benches outside. (pictured below.)

Caffe Pasticceria Demetz

The staff are quite ass-y, around 8 flavours and fairly middle of the road. If you’re only taking an ice cream you can’t sit in the cafe but there are benches just outside.

Caffe Corso

Take a rest outside, in Ortisei's square which feels like you have been transported into a Disney set. The ice cream is heavenly after a long hike! Make sure you try the rum and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

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