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The “B” word… botox.

Each time I sit down to write this piece, a rush of anxiety pours over me. My belly turns into a washing machine, spiralling around and around in a very dramatic spin cycle. And in many ways, this is a clear indicator to me that I should share this. Because, leaving our vulnerabilities hidden often breeds shame, secrecy and hasn’t served me this far.

So here you have it, in December I finally made the decision to get botox, and this is really quite hard to share.

And I have made laughs and jokes about having this done- making references to A Cinderella Story (see below) amongst many other things. The reason I find this difficult to discuss is two fold; firstly because I adore the natural world, following the rhythms of nature, the cycles of time; lunar and seasonal cycles. Western astrology to Ayurveda. It's a part of me.

Then, I have another side which loves travel and doesn't offset their carbon footprint (can you feel the guilt there), Starbucks fake coffee, shopping at certain unethical brands. But to see myself as two, would not be inclusive- and we all are multifaceted.

Getting botox may seem minor to many, or ghastly to others. And I myself, have even felt very divided, however my choice to have botox at the end of last year is without a doubt the best beauty decision I have ever made for myself.

It's the first time in a very long time that I've taken photos of myself. My confidence in smiling and laughing in photos and in looking at myself in the mirror has increased exponentially. It’s given me an extra glow, from the inside out. A dewy forehead and shimmering eyes, filled with joy.

You can clearly see below the before and after of the external difference, however the internal one is something which may be less visible to the naked eye. I have experienced a reduction in barraging thoughts, of looking and feeling tired, haggard. There has been a dramatic increase of smiling, and getting on with my day. Because the mental space cleared in my brain from having botox is remarkable.

Now for the details- I went to Tweak East. I chose to go here initially due to the great reviews and location however after meeting Rosie I knew I had landed in the right place. We instantly clicked, she's someone I could imagine going for a cocktail, or more with, she made me feel at ease (I think my discomfort was very apparent), and assured me that she only treats those who benefit from the treatment. She was very clear about the potential, the risks, the aftercare. Her caring and sunny disposition made me feel confident in my choice of therapist.

As a dentist, she is very familiar with facial dynamics and an in depth understanding of muscular and skeletal structure. Personally, I would only ever see someone who has this background in facial anatomy. I had a tiny bit of bruising, but that aside after 5 days I noticed the difference… and have been glowing since.

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