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Mercurial March

March, a solitary month yet still filled with magic... I am certain you will love these gems.



Duck&Dry with Shenel

A good blow dry has the ability to take you from meh to vavavoom. When I was a City Slicker I would often treat myself to a blow dry, and I largely credit my hair growth to this treatment. (Nutrition is also key!)

So where do you go? In my opinion there is only one place; Duck&Dry. I've visited numerous salons in London yet Duck&Dry has a certain something which keeps drawing me back for more. That certain something is in fact Shenel who I met quite early on in my blow dry pilgrimages.

What makes her different? She offers a cut above the rest; her blow dries last days (usually 4!) and always have a big bounce, she's quick, friendly, you feel seen and listened too as she recounts conversations you've shared from other visits… I could you a million adjectives but I implore you to try it for yourself- she is more than wonderful!

If you're the kind of person who wants glossy, bouncy and luscious hair with that extra special something- Shenel is your woman. I guarantee that both your hair and mood will be lifted!


Temple of Incense in Sandalwood

To my horror, Sacred Elephant is no longer stocked at Planet Organic. And since incense is such an important part of my morning ritual, without any I felt at a loss.

The perfectionist in me needed a replacement; I glanced round the shelves of the beauty isle until my eyes spotted “Temple of Incense” hand-rolled Mysore Sandalwood incense sticks. Its ornate packaging instantly had me hooked.

In India Sandalwood is known as ‘Chandan’, meaning auspicious, moon and golden- so it's safe to say this emperor scent offers a temple-at-home feel. They say when you burn one of these scents, you create an ambience which allows your prayers to reach the divine. I certainly have been hoping mine will.


This month had had an overarching sense of loneliness along with solitude which I required for a lot of processing. I have needed this as I have been quite narrow sighted; I may read about spirituality, psychology and the esoteric realms yet this doesn’t devoid me of being a human. Fundamentally, this sight section is dedicated to the part of me that has been moving through my life in a way that does not align with the person I am or want to be. Nor does it align with how I want to be with others.

It’s not an apology note, it's a personal reminder from me to you that our individual and collective thoughts and actions have a butterfly effect which reaches further than we may ever consciously know.

Collectively, there has been a drastic rise of focus around self improvement which I personally have a lot of optimism about. And during any spiritual or self improvement journey we must also remember that we inextricably linked with others; we are always in relationship with another. From the cashier in the corner shop, to our parents, friends or bosses. Unless we are a hermit (like I have been), we cannot escape being in a relationship with others. So on that note, what is your eyesight like? Do you open your eyes to others thoughts, feelings or opinions? Is this the life you envision? Do you close your eyes to it all, or move around blindly… How are you relating?


An ode to breakfast, from avocado toast to almond croissants. Porridge, iced coffees and solo dates in the sun, rain and nearly snow. I won’t pick a favourite, but instead leave you with a few cheeky pictures of my breakfast dates at dawn. Click through, you wont be disappointed x


The Gratitude Retreat with Erin Dusek

I have written about my love for sound healing, and recently I had the privilege of attending the Gratitude Retreat which offered an afternoon of journaling, yin yoga, breath work along with a sound journey.

Intuitively, I know how much I am currently in survival mode- its obvious. Sadly this fight or flight response equates personal value on doing over being or resting. It is a relentless and erratic cycle which offers no support to the emotional structures which steady me. More generally speaking, when we are in survival mode any drop of discomfort or aversion will feel like a flooding of heavy energy that cannot be readily cared for.

So, I didn't want the stillness the event offered.

During the yin, my mind raced from thought to thought. And as we gently moved through posture to open up the heart space, I felt myself soften to all of the energies which had been humming in my world. I acknowledged my racing heart and observed it slowly soften, along with my breath which gradually lengthened.

I know the benefit of doing the work and moving through these difficult emotions, yet it doesn't make it any easier. The space held by Erin offered a supportive environment to do so and I now question whether I would have been able to do it on my own.

It’s important to say that this is the first in real life retreat, and the energy of the room was filled with excitement and an insatiable buzz. I cannot wait for the next event, and feel grateful, thankful, and made up for having discovered the Gratitude Retreat as it was of such immense value to me personally.

Quote of the Month

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