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March Favourites

Here's my second ever round up! Celebrating a few things which have given me joy, insight, fun and intrigue this month...


AESOP Resurrection Duet

A long standing favourite, getting a delivery with the Resurrection hand wash and moisturiser was a welcome joy in the midst of a very normal Tuesday. Given that we are all washing our hands more often, it's important we give them the TLC that they deserve. I can think of no better way than with the beautiful Resurrection duet which uses a blend of beneficial botanicals that soothe and hydrate the skin without leaving hands greasy. Its scent of fresh mandarin fragrance combined with woody cedar undertones, perfect for any season and every hand wash.


Juice Baby Acai Bowl

After an awful reaction to the COVID jab, and without any ability to move let alone cook- my new and revolutionary discovery of Deliveroo saved me from starving. I would argue that Breakfast foods are the best foods, and Acai bowls are what breakfast dreams are made of. Especially when it is from JuiceBaby

Using locally sourced ingredients, hand making all food and drink- staying away from chemical additives and preservatives - Juice Baby creates delicious and wholesome food, a perfect pick me up when unwell (or at any other time really).


My new favourite podcast is Caggie Dunlop's Saturn Return. Caggie's compassionate curiosity about others, her interest in what makes them feel good and how they navigate change, challenges and transitions in their lives- has personally helped me gain insight and clarity in solving problems, understanding myself, my situation and the variety of things which naturally come up on this journey of being human.

Caggie's Podcast is named after the Saturn Return which is one of the big astrological transits that we as humans experience. She has a guest astrologer, Noura, on each episode who gives insight to what this means for us as a listener. I recently had my birth chart read by Noura, and I was so astounded during the whole call, it is the most articulated Ive ever felt and never felt so much licencing to just be myself.


Kiss the Ground

Science experts and celebrity activists unpack the ways in which the earth's soil may be the key to combating climate change and preserving the planet. Everyone should watch this.


Sacred Elephant Incense

I love anything which taps into this sense. Utilising fragrance is something which I personally find incredibly grounding, and by taking time to experience, take a deep breath, inhaling the aroma of whatever perfume, candle, beauty product, or in this case incense I have- using my sense of smell is one of the key tools to enable me to come back into my body.

Quote of the month

"We carry inside us, the wonders we seek outside us" - Rumi

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