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Juicy January

The monthly roundup, and the first of 2022...

Enjoy - Bx


Naninumps.. A what? A naninump.

As the first (food) word I could say, the humble banana has always held a soft spot in my heart and belly. Paired with peanut butter and you have an unstoppable duo.

Chiquita is my preferred choice (purchased from Figs and Grains - where else?!). The queen of bananas… She pairs perfectly with her other half, her sidekick, the salty and smoky deep roast Manilife peanut butter (crunchy, always). Pleasure can be experienced in the most simple of ways, so here's a post, to Manilife’s notorious nut butter, and Chiquitas noble naninumps. The hottest couple (oh I do say!).


From the crystal clear blue seas of The Bahamas to the crisp and chilly polluted air of London. Getting readjusted to the climate was a little harder than I had anticipated… what helped? Aside from fluffy socks, The White Company “Winter” candle offered me a magical and comforting embrace of spicy cinnamon, rich warming clove and fresh zesty orange. Described as “the scent of Christmas”- it never failed to bring me wintery warmth to even the most crisp days.


Going against the grain and not featuring the usual - body treatment/ therapy or product (although I implore you to try Tara Harper) - this months highlight takes “touch” out of the literal and into the metaphorical.

So, my monthly "touch" section is dedicated to Vgari Lifestyle, a luxury travel and lifestyle concierge service who planned my most recent trip to The Bahamas. The personal touch that both Nicola and Tania put on the holiday went above and beyond any and all of my expectations- I’ve reviewed this in a separate post, so head here for full details.


Kimberley Snyder, New York Times best-selling author, nutritionist, yoga instructor, meditation teacher, founder of Solluna, is there anything this woman can’t do!?

Her glowing green smoothie is the OG of green juice recipe, and one of the few drinks I actually like. Like Kimberley, I follow the principles of Ayurveda and as a Vata-Kapha, juices often disagree with my constitution. Hers however offers the perfect blend of herbs which ground my Vata and freshen up my Kapha.

Aside from my obvious girl crush, she has recently featured in many of my firm favourite podcasts (see below), and I implore you to listen to not just one but all of her interviews.

Her most recent book “You Are More Than You Think You Are” is available to pre-order, where she “offers simple exercises, potent ancient practices, and in-depth meditations to help you overcome negative beliefs and see yourself as you truly are—a goddess, a warrior, a lover, and a creator of your extraordinary destiny”.

I personally love her tip, to give love to the first living being you see. EVEN IF THAT IS YOU. which has already transformed my morning, opened up my heart and filled me with a level of joy I sometimes find it hard to access.

Almost 30


Mind Body Green


Have I mentioned that I went to The Bahamas? Well it was spectacular!

Aside from the holiday, the trip offered an experience which opened up my eyes past my home, area and community. It allowed me to be a part of something other than my usual day to day as when we travel, we enable ourselves to see how others live, to see different perspectives, different ways of life. We open our mind to something greater, and our world becomes a little larger.

Going away opened my eyes, and myself to the world. To life.

Quote of the Month

"Our mistakes don't limit us, only our fears do"

- J.Lo, Second Act

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