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Jovial June

The monthly roundups are something which offer a sentimental space with a dash of of nostalgia, giving opportunity to reflect on the memories which past few weeks have brought. I am slowly become more and more infatuated in writing them.

Enjoy, B x


Trips to Space NK always bring the most delightful discoveries. The most recent was “Velvet Haze” by Byredo.

Velvet Haze evokes the dazed state attained in artificial paradises. The opulence of the scent embarks us in a psychedelic whirlpool. Along this exhilarating path, the sweetness of coconut water soon gives way to the feverish power of patchouli leaves. An experience of all senses that the velvety cacao and the wild musk enrich with their earthy envelope. This may easily become my new signature scent.


Embarking on more social occasions, and frequenting multiple new venues allows little space to choose just one this month… so below is a buffet style summary of an eclectic flavour journey around London.

5 Hertford St: The first formal trip out strongly reinforced why I could never become vegan. 5 Hertford St's menu highlights included mouth watering salmon tartare and pan fried sea bass, all accompanied by a far too much (non-vegan) champagne. The first meal out was marked with a bang as I woke the next day with a split-open shin from a unknown drunken injury. The food and drink were not the only things which made a mark on me.

Randall & Aubin: The best seafood and fish in London. Period.

The Mitre, Hampton Court: A jewel on the Thames, dishes include Chocolate nemesis, Lobster with Garlic butter, Sea Bass in Miso Tea… and many more, all served on their riverside terrace. Who says you need to go to the south of France to have fun.

Raw Lala: beautifully ordained and presented premium quality acai

Chestnut: Elizabeth Street is my most favourite street in London, not because we share the same name, but because it has an air of sophistication and understated beauty (some additional qualities I hope we share). The new bakery based in the former Dominique Ansel location is a hot spot for sweet and savoury pastry and baked good aficionados. Many flavours, fun music, lovely staff. A top notch gaff.


Music signifies moments in time transporting us back to forgotten feelings, emotions, and past impressions. Songs can imprint on us. Whether it was our first breakup, the party from our girls trip, or a Christmas with family. Just one line can bring back floods of memories .

A week ahead of my discharge, "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield came on. It doesn't take a genius to figure why this song stuck such a cord with me


Presence is elusive in the modern world. We are hyper-stimulated, flitting from one thing to the next, not allowing any space to breathe, let alone be.

For me, visiting galleries and exhibitions offers a sense of stillness, and moments of inner silence as time almost stands still. Art works old and new allow me to be carried away into another world or dimension. Colour popping, painterly textures or sharp modern lines, whatever it is I am always captivated.

This month, marked the first time I have been to a gallery in 2021 - stepping into the Fashion & Textiles museum and The White Cube Gallery only reinforced how important art is to my life.

Block prints, Chintz fabrics, at the Fashion & Textiles museum contrasted Takis’ suspended objects and sculptures which depicted his lifelong exploration of invisible energies as a ‘fourth dimension’ in art. Both exhibitions, so very different, but both equally as magnetic.


Barber and Blow

Nestled in St Mary's Axe within 1Rebel, the neon pink lettering of Barber&Blow acts as a beacon of light, which has given me hope, and an inner glow at some of the darkest points in my life. Visiting them ahead of some half birthday celebrations, welcomed a more playful and fun experience. I opted for the 15x15, always by Lottie, who crafts wearable hairstyles with an edge of effortless luxury. I think there is magic running through her fingertips.

I opted for the "15x15" which is their 15 minute, £15 hair-up express menu available across all venues. It is one for those busy bees that struggle to get time in before the big night out, during their lunch break or before that big meeting they have at work. Multiple styles, in minimal time.

Quote of the Month

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