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February Favourites

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

This is my first favourite round up! A mixture of things which have given me a little slice of joy this month. In the posts going forward, these will be shorter summaries under each of the five senses, bit here's one big boy to start you off!!!

Touch: Beauty

Fable and Mane

My hair has been very damaged the past 8 weeks or so, which has been very upsetting for me. My image is something which I find difficult in having confidence in- yet previously could always know that a sleek ponytail or some curls would give me a little boost. Having my hair in such damaged condition, and as someone who has used Kerastase for years, Olaplex - you name it I felt at a loss and exhausted even thinking of how long it would take to feel remotely better about it. I discovered Fable and Mane on Instagram and truly did not expect much, after using the mask and hair oil I was blown away, my hair finally has body, some bounce and is shining again. An added bonus is that the products smell divine.

Firm Favourites: Sunday Riley CEO Glow, Tata Harper Hyluaronic Gel Moisturiser, Pixie Glow Toner, Slip Scrunchies

Taste: Food & Drink

Violet Bakery

Late on the band wagon, I didn't realise how close I lived to this wonderful little bakery. The salted caramel chocolate cake was an unexpected discovery on a snowy Monday afternoon- after craving something fudgey/ caramely all weekend this little beauty blew my socks off.


With the current lock down, it means I have been cooking at home more and experimenting with recipes. I have been challenging food rules, trying to discover the things which do light me up. Below are links to a sweet and savoury dish I have loved, bon apetite!

Ottolenghi Miso, Ginger & Lime Chicken


Cupcake Jemma Blondies



Podcasts: Danielle Copperman

If anyone knows me, they know I adore listening to podcasts. I find hearing others opinions, stories fascinating and I love learning from them. Danielle's new podcast is incredibly insightful. In her episodes she has covered a range of topics from acupuncture to human design, all of which are very thought provoking and lead to a lot of introspection. The variety of topics have opened my mind up to so many modalities of thinking and practices within the wellness industry. 10/10!

Firm Favourites: Table Manners, Open Mind, The Moments that Made Me, How to Fail


Chariot- Mega

This song never fails to lift my mood, making me feel comforted and nurtured.


Favourite place or photo this month


Bamford Organics Body Wash

The essential oils of eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, geranium and tonka bean are beautiful. Smelling the aromas help bring balance to the mind whilst in the shower- offering a little sense of peace, tranquility and harmony to start (or end) the day.

Quote of the Month

“Authentic Living means you care more for your need for inner peace, than for your need for approval” -Lacy Phillips

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