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Fast-paced February

Updated: Mar 6

30 years on and February still seems to fly by. Below is my monthly summary- do enjoy,

B x

Sight: Sedona

Vast red rocks shatter through the earth to create glacial towering formations, with sun draped forests beneath, and mystical vortexes of metaphysic energy projected from the earth's plane. This place is remarkable.

Special does not do Sedona justice, and it is quite hard to find the right words to do it justice. Yet for this sight section, it is important to acknowledge that sight is not something we do just with our eyes. We all have imagination, intuition, and a felt sense of inner knowing- along with the ability to picture memories through “rose tinted glasses”. More specifically, that felt inner sense is something I felt to be out of balance ahead of Christmas. Life is seasonal and recentering experiences have the ability to help us move through moments of time into a more aligned path- where our behaviour and feelings align with the person who we envision ourselves to be. For me, Sedona did just that.

To travel is to go away from a physical home, and to sometimes find an inner home.

Taste: Local Juicery

Call me basic, but I bloody love avocado toast.

Who doesn’t?! Whether you're team sourdough or rye, feta or poached egg- perhaps both - or even the recent TikTok trend of shaved eggs (please do tell me if you’ve tried it). Avocado toast’s growth in popularity has lead to a surgance of recipes, yet it is still hard to make a showstopper… That’s where Local Juicery comes in. Sprouted grain bread perfectly toasted crunches in your mouth, topped with smashed avocado, vegan spicy cashew chipotle crema, nutritional yeast, olive oil and a dusting of chipotle flakes and Himalayan pink salt to give it its last POP. I fear recreating it at home and being disappointed.

And that's not where it ends; their organic juices and smoothies, flavour packed lunches along with a range of sweet and savoury snacks fuelled most of my trip to Sedona. Every morsel was divine, and I’m salivating reminiscing of it.

Local Juicery founders “believe that what you eat fuels how you think, love, work and play.” So, “love your body, feed your soul.” That’s certainly a philosophy I can get on board with.

Sound: Inventing Anna

Let me make this clear, I don’t watch TV. It is very, very rare, however four episodes into Inventing Anna and I’m gripped. The series follows the trial around Anna Delvey, who is either an audacious entrepreneur or con artist who convinced New York's Elite to lend her an obscene amount of money, along with racking up multiple hotel bills and more. At this stage I am uncertain whether she is guilty, so if you’ve seen it, please don't spoil it for me!

*placed in the sound section, because well.. Sedona!

Touch: Marzena at The Bulgari Spa

Back to the Bulgari and blessed to have Marzena for a deep tissue massage once again. My review of her can be found here, but I implore you to book ASAP.

Smell Le Labo- Another 13

Moments in time can be captured through our senses- a sudden splash of fragrance has the ability to evoke the most vivid of memories. Freshly cut grass, or warm amber notes- perhaps highlights of rose. We all have our own personal experiences, memories and tastes.

My holiday fragrance was Le Labo’s Another 13 which Liberty’s Christmas Calendar generously gifted me a miniature of. It is an addictively dirty potion blended with twelve ingredients such as jasmine, moss and ambrette seeds absolute (which gives it spike and shine). As my holiday fragrance, Le Labo's hypnotising scent is one that will always arouse dreamy memories of Sedona. Naturally I purchased it right away.

Quote of the Month

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.

- John Muir

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