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Updated: Mar 31, 2021

There is no doubt that the most recent Cosmopolitan issue is a celebration. Each beautiful woman featured is empowered by their body, and of who they are. Each, honors their body, their individuality and their self. But what happens when you struggle to celebrate any part of you?

Too bloated, under eye bags, chunky ankles, saggy boobs- these are only a few of the thoughts which ruminate in my mind daily. The reason I say this is because whilst it’s incredible that the women featured in Cosmopolitan feel empowered for being who they are, what do you do when you are so far detached from that?

We are given plans, diets, diaries, mindfulness- this plethora of information telling us how we should be and what we should do. It never really feels enough and is all very overwhelming. We never really find what feels natural for our own body and self- emotionally, physically, nutritionally and energetically.

As someone who has tried it all, not found a happy medium, deprived themselves of essential food, nutrients and well being, tried to shape, mould and bend their body into shapes it was never meant for- I now realise that during this time I have also deprived myself of vulnerable and open conversations with loved ones. Real conversations. Discussing our bodies, our selves, and how we view ourselves through our own gaze.

Last year was unusual, it gave us more time with ourselves than we have ever had before. As someone riddled with insecurities, it only made me feel more stagnant and stuck in feeling good about my appearance or who I am as a person. The reason I write this is because I know I am not the only one in feeling this way. I know I am not the only one who has been missold by diet culture, by weight discriminiation, by normalised unhealthy behaviours and lifestyles. I now know this has not been nurturing or supportive in creating an environment to feel empowered and accepted. We are so quick to spot things we admire in others, yet we have never really learnt to celebrate ourselves.

If there are any takeaways from the Cosmopolitan article, it is that we are individual and unique and we do not need permission to celebrate ourselves, nor should we shy away from opening up to those around us about the things we are finding difficult to celebrate or find any love towards.

On that note, how can you speak kindly to your body today?

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