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Bulgari Spa

Last month I embarked on a sensual journey, an opulent day of pleasures which encapsulated many of the joys which feed my soul.

Breakfast was taken, alfresco at Pantechnicon, where I sat nestled between the beautiful regency buildings on Montcomb Street, Belgravia. The neoclassical architecture already created visual nectar for my eyes to feast upon.

Pantechnicon is is home for a playful celebration of Nordic and Japanese creativity which houses restaurants, boutiques and Cafe Kitsune where I sampled their signature Matcha Almond croissant along with an iced cold Americano. A slight nod to summer.

Next stop; Bulgari Hotel Spa. A belated Christmas present, celebrated in April- however the level of spa experience was no April Fools. The day celebrated truly indulgent 120 minutes experience encompassing a 111Skin Facial and dramatic healing massage, along with a beautiful one-course lunch and juice of your choice in the private poolside cabanas. Full use of the Spa facilities is asp available to enrich your experience.

The 111SKIN products are a revolutionary spa concept offering aesthetic performance, face and body treatments for the first time in a multi-sensory, opulent spa environment. The "Dramatic Healing Massage" restores wellbeing through a soothing holistic massage, using a choice of Healing Body Oils for ultimate rejuvenation.

This is followed by the original "Dramatic Healing Facial", a high-performance facial that enhances the skin’s ability to repair and re-strengthen itself. Combined with a clinically developed deep muscle facial massage, skin health is completely restored.

I left; restored, revived and reawakened to all many of the therapeutic experienced which personally help me recharge my soul.

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