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Breaking Rules

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Self Care & Food Rules 2.0

The past few weeks I have channeled my passion and commitment into a journey of discovering, embarking on daily challenges to break down the rules I have made around food. Not taking my old mindset of the “all or nothing” approach, last week I tackled one of the larger rules I had created for myself - which was having a different sweet thing each day, simply for myself, for pleasure. It represents one huge personal challenge that I have struggled to overcome in the past: letting go of control whilst allowing myself to experience this “uncontrolled” pleasure.

This experience has challenged an underlying, subconscious (and conscious) belief that I am being gluttonous, indulgent, unhealthy and will spontaneously balloon out (like Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) when having a lot of sweeter things. I came to realise that underneath this all, I believed that if I have cake, brownies or something I would deem “indulgent” or “weekend food” over a certain amount of times a week then I would in fact be evil. That if I experienced unrestricted, uncontrolled pleasure, I would be evil. I have felt undeserving of this pleasure, which was a large driver in pushing me forward to do it.

Heres a little photo diary of my “sweet” week- I cant help but put on a 90s american-surfer accent here. Which is largely annoying. My personal highlight was the Flavourtown Brownie.

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