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August Amalgamation

And its August, so here is an accumulation of things which have aroused my senses.

Enjoy, B x


Fortitude Bakehouse

Not quite the usual list, one very special place takes the spotlight.

Fortitude Bakehouse is a name I’ve seen pop up regularly on my feed, however seldom not enough. As I slowly become a brownie aficionado, my standards are becoming increasingly high. My preference being gooey and melt in the mouth, almost batter like, do not come near me with a crumby brownie - I will bat you over the head with your cake in brownie-disguise!!

On more pressing matters, Fortitude’s brick (yes it is huge, dense, heavy) of a brownie is heavenly. I felt cherubs dancing and birds singing as the fudgey brownie melted in my mouth. It could easily be shared between friends, however as it was a solo expedition I took the opportunity to gobble it up (JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD). I haven’t quite put together a list of my favourite brownies, however this may even top it…


Aesop Exfoliant Paste

Skin prepped, pampered and polished, the knowledge gained from Cowshed meant my mission this month was to find an exfoliator (the only thing missing from my recommended skincare regime)

As fate would have it I was soon gifted samples from Aesop, which meant my mission was less of an adventure and more of a fortunate stumble. My skin often reacts to new products, less is often more which has meant that historically I have used minimal (zero) when it comes to skincare. With time, I am beginning to appreciate beauty rituals more and more which is why I get so very excited about discovering something which works for me.

Aesop's gentle exfoliant combines finely ground quartz, to slough away dead surface skin, and lactic acid, to dissolve grime and oil. Suitable for all skin types, their purifying facial exfoliant paste deeply cleans and comforts skin with the helps of rosemary leaf, lavender and evening primrose oils.


Im on fire- Cassandra Violet

Cassandra's haunting folk voice is achingly personal and managed to entrance me into a hypnotic state as her cover of Bruce Spingsteen's “I’m on Fire” closed the film “Pig”.

I rarely listen to, or pay little attention to end credits, yet I was hooked, mesmerised by her captivating voice which pierced through my very soul with her unearthly, impassioned blend of folk pop and soulfulness.

I am listening to this on repeat.


I believe as humans we have an innate instinct to head outside as a way to unwind and feel refreshed. Immersing ourselves in the natural world brings a sense of peace and tranquility, allowing an opening to something greater- a knowledge which often gets forgotten in our modern busy lives.

As I adventured to Epping Forest, I left my constant state of business for a different life, one with nature, feeling it’s cycles and also understanding that these cycles too live within me- we have daily changes, cell renewal, waves of emotion, winds of change, the fire of life beating beneath our chests. A whole world living within us, our bodies being our own world. Our own forest. Our own natural environments to thrive.

Epping's ancient deciduous woodland offered an escape to the natural world which my body, mind and soul had been craving. I spent my time getting lost in a dream-like, ethereal world, grounding down, feeling rooted and at one in nature, and myself. I am now contemplating becoming a hermit.


Oriflame - Eclait Amour

As I worked slowly through the mountain of perfume samples I have somehow accumulated, the scent of Oriflame’s “Eclait Amour” made a surprising impression on me. With a base of sandalwood, vanilla and cedar, this floral yet woody musk fragrance is comforting, warming and, in my humble opinion, a perfect midweek fragrance.

I often spend an arm and a leg on my fragrances and have found it more than difficult to discover my “signature scent” (Vilhelm- Dear Polly/Terry de Gunzberg- Rouge Nocturne). The economical price tag means I can go spray cray, no matter the day! Winner winner.

Quote of the Month

"No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell" - Carl Jung

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