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Updated: Mar 31, 2021

The third Yama -Asteya- means to refrain from stealing.

On the surface this Yama seemed very simple (ie. don't pinch anything), however when I delved deeper I was surprised to discover that this Yama was the one which left me in all sorts of moral conundrums.

Is our greed stealing? Our obsession with material objects? Does our fixation with status steal the value away from our true selves, needs and desires? If we don't have or be these things, do we feel incomplete, "not enough" or unworthy? Then, is buying unsustainably stealing from the environment? What if you cannot afford these product? Is overindulging stealing from your health? Underindulging stealing from the joys in life?

I have left unanswered open questions, in hope that you delve deeper and explore the areas of your life that this Yama has an impact on. Below are a few tips, pointers and helpful hints to help guide you.

For me, it all boiled down to the intention behind our desire to want... what is your intention?


We steal from Mother Earth each and every day- the air we breathe, the food we eat. Do you do anything to appreciate or celebrate the resources?


There can. Arrive early- don't be that person that always arrives late and makes all sorts of racket whilst others are settling into their practice. It ruins the energy in the space, and you don't know why people want or need to be there.


The people we surround ourselves with nourish our souls. They are our tribe. We all have or have had people who in our lives which zap all sense of joy or fun. Like a dark cloud in the sky, they are the toxic energy vampire who suck you dry... some of these people we may not be able to avoid. Whether it may be a colleague or family member, your response on an internal and external level is integral to your wellbeing. The energy you grant in every aspect of your life forms who you are and is the essential aspect of curating the life you want to lead. Do you let others, especially energy vampires, steal from you? Your authenticity, your patience, your time? Maybe to be liked? What is your intention behind your reaction?

Helpful Hints

  • Yoga: Arrive early, it’s a shared space.

  • Intention: Define your core values and intentions

  • Mindfulness: Making time for self-inquiry or self-study (Svadyahaha) is essential in life. By giving yourself the opportunity to step back, ask yourself the questions and analyse whether your behaviour match your core values enables you to life a fuller and deeper life. Its cliche but we have one life, so live it.

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