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Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Aparigraha is often thought of as non-greed, non-posessiveness or letting go in relationship with both ourselves and the world around us.

I feel that writing this post during 2020, on the run up to Christmas seems really quite appropriate.

During 2020 Many people have questioned aspects of their life, others the whole way they are living. Some have made changes, some have felt stagnant, others have longed to go back to how things were.

Christmas Emotions

Christmas is a time for getting together, and with the backdrop of 2020 many of us may not have had the opportunity to see our loved ones all year. Many may not get to see them over the festive period at all. For some this is what we have craved, for others the premiss of being forced into a setting with people we don’t be around is almost nauseating.

Gift Giving

During Christmas we exchange gifts. In the modern world we have an infatuation with accumulating stuff. We our belongings are what define and shape our identity yet these material objects often loose value and/ or importance over time. Trends come and go. Everything is transient and changes (including our emotions), and perhaps this year we could all identify less with material objects and more with ourselves, our loved ones and our community.


We set resolutions of things to do, achieve or attain in the new year, many of these goals may even be overhanging from 2020.

By setting goals this we feel we are better able to measure our “progress”. Tangible targets can certainly be helpful however when we become fixated with a future projection of ourselves, we diminish our worth of where we are in the present moment. We become focused on “after lockdown”, “when this”, “until then” happens. Is there a way of letting go of continually living in the future and to just be here, now?


The principle of Aparigraha, or letting go, is something we have all been forced to grapple with this year. We’ve been forced to constantly change our routine and our lives as a whole.

This year has given us time to dismantle, build and come back. Some have met this with resistance however in these difficult, exhausting and ever changing times we must remember that we have the capacity of freedom and dignity. We have all been given an opportunity to stop and to quiet ourselves. To take a breath. To question and listen to our heart of what is our own, personal best intention. We have the ability to let go of what is not serving us.

Helpful Hints

Difficult Times: By letting go of feeling like a victim, we begin to accept that life is happening for us and not to us. We are able to hold onto the tension of duality that things can be hard, they can be difficult but they also can be completely right.

Christmas Emotions: Is there a way we can either let go of old rifts, and forgive. Or is there a way to be vulnerable, to air things out. This year might bring you the opportunity to transform more than your Netflix marathon record, it may expand you capacity of connection, feeling and compassion to ourselves and to others. Going into next year having let go of old, stagnant feelings, and internal energy you are clinging onto may leave space for something more, something magical and something you’ve been longing for. You can free yourself through letting go and allowing space for forgiveness. The beautiful truth is that you can let go- and always remember that we are all more connected by our vulnerabilities than we may think.

Materialism: Is there a way you can let go of what society markets you into feeling you should be? Ultimately, we are not the objects which we feel define us. We have substance, soul and spirit and many of us have lost our connection with our core, feeling it comes from an external source. Are you able to let go of your attachment to something? If you are not, then why aren't you?

Change: If we let go of the desire for things to constantly change and when we let go of our focus absorbed by a future projection then we become accepting of our current situation. We engage fully with our life.

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