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Anxious April

Psychodynamic thought theorises that in riding horses, we are seeking to control the animalistic parts of ourself- the dangerous feelings of frustration, anger, fear and inner chaos. When riding we find some order to our inner experience and develop emotional security by befriending the animal nature of the horse (and therefore ourself).

The sunny day I went riding, I was filled with anxiety and a cluster of mental chatter. Connecting with the horse and with nature enabled me to overcome the self-deprecating loop and live with the feelings of anger. Horses are great.

So, April, a month clouded by change, dusted with disorder and eclipsed by travel.




Juke Ross- Keep you dry

Time stands still when I listen to this song. His voice does things to me I never thought possible.


Do not be fooled by the simple elegance of Portugal, this country’s vibrancy is experienced through tropical landscapes, delicately painted azulejo ceramic tiles, windy shores and custard filled pastries. My adventures across the province had many highlights, and one hotel specifically stood out… São Lorrenco do Barrocal.

The property's white washed buildings stand in the heart of the country, where temperatures soar to 50 degrees in the summer. You’re surrounded by unspoilt meadows and sun-soaked vineyards; divine is an understatement… This vast farmland welcomes you with open arms to relax, unwind and connect with nature. The photos do not do it credit.

*As ever Vgari Travel organised this magical getaway- they curated a trip which took my breath away (yet again).


Fresh “Floral Recovery Calming Mask”

Late night scrolls on Instagram lead me down a rabbit warren, and not just any hole. A hole filled with a glorious treasure, where the queen of beauty (Glow with Ava) bestowed a reel featuring Fresh’s “Floral Recovery Calming Mask”. An adventure awaited me the following morning- in the form of a valiant journey to Space NK.

But did I like it? Smothered onto skin at night, this mask cocooned my complexion and calmed my sensitive skin with its soothing formula. Enriched with Vitamin C, and squalene- both helped to brighten my skin and encouraged it to waken for the morning.

I often forget that the skin is the biggest organ, and that even small external stressors can have a huge impact. For me, after a lot of travel, air con and general pollution I was left dry and dehydrated- yet by lathering this on at night I woke up soothed and dare I say it “fresher” than ever. The queen of beauty’s recommendation did not disappoint.


“Dessert more than ___ times per week”, or even “dessert twice in one day”. Rules… specifically food rules. Many of us have them. Many of us require them as a form of control, and therefore comfort. In some weird way it enables us to care for ourself, or so we think. What it really means is that we are not connecting with or intuition and listening to ourselves.

We have been educated about calories, a variety of “superfoods”, vitamins, minerals, macros, fasting, fad diets- each year a food group can be promoted then the next vilified. The media shove the next best thing down our neck, and none of us really know what we really want. So, we outsource our taste rather than listening to our own bodies. I would argue many of us aren’t even enjoying the process of eating due to all of the societal noise we'e internalised. We place calories above pleasure, connection and nourishment.

So- taste? This month I had dessert numerous times a day and every day of the week when on holiday. Because, I felt like it. So, this month is dedicated to rediscovery, experimentation and curiosity around food, food groups and rules. It has been a very primal exploration which did more for my soul than I could have predicted.

So I question you… how can you make one step to come home to your body?


A tough highlight to think of this month; I'm still fanatic about Temple of Incense, adorning my body with Le Labo and lavishing Aromatherapy Associates passionately onto my skin.

Truly, not much has changed here however a few highlights include fresh magnolias in Madeira’s lush botanical gardens, getting out of pollution ridden London and into nature, coming home to crisp, fresh sheets, along with my dog (even if he was a little smelly) and of course the soothing bergamot aroma of Earl Grey tea, in my most favourite mug. A range of home comforts, and a dusting of scents from further afield.

Quote of the Month

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