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Adler Hotel Review

Never in my life have I returned to a hotel, until the 6th September 2020. Not only did I just stay there, I extended the booking not only once but twice during my stay. I’m sure this probably sets a president of how positive this review will be.

The Adler may not be as “sleek” as the Six Senses or The Singular, not as modern as F Zeen, steeped in history like The Raffles or as effortlessly cool as Soho House. What it does have though, is magic. Every time I step foot inside this hotel I feel like I am home.

Maybe it’s the mountains, with the clear air, maybe it’s the staff who treat you like an old friend. I can’t quite put my finger on what makes this place so special. It’s motto is “Let Your Soul Fly” and make no mistake, this grand alpine Hotel will make you do just that.


Established in 1810, this family run hotel is wellness oasis. With an extensive daily sport and outdoor programme to surpass your fitness needs to a fully equipped spa which provides perfectly personalised pampering. Whether you’re a family staying in the Adler Dolomiti or opted for the adults only Adler Balance side, the hotel has and does it all.

A Day in the Life

The first adventure of the day is the hotels bountiful breakfast buffet. Once your belly is satisfied, choose from a selection of incredible trips to explore the regions magnificent mountains which the Adler ideally is nestled amongst. Whether it’s an e-bike tour or a hike - the hardest thing you will do all holiday is to make a decision. If that’s your biggest problem, then you really know that you have made it.

A post-activity spa trip is essential, and something I looked forward too each and every day. Whether it was people watching from the relaxation room, melting all my stress away with massage or getting my sweat on in the sauna and steam room. Whatever my need was, it was surpassed. Without fail, one or each of these things were followed by one of my favourite activities- taking a bath.

Make sure you work into your evening and marvel at the Dolomites from the seductive cow hide armchairs in the bar, accompanied by an aperitivo, bar snacks, a roaring fireplace and the sweet sounds of a pianist in the background. Ensuring you don't get too comfortable (or drunk), then take a meal as what in my opinion is the best restaurant in the world- Tubladel.


Never before have I seen so much wood in one room. It really does rival a timber yard. Larger in size than a London apartment and fully equipped with a bath, a shower you could have a party in or a bed you could get lost in- the only thing I can fault is the lack of air-con and the poor in-room WiFi.

Each morning I opened the sliding door to the balcony which overlooks a "Sound of Music" style setting. The magic of Ortesei is almost surreal, making you feel like you have been transported into a movie set.

The water in the shower is unlike any other, soft and warming- the combination of this and the Adler products never fail to make my hair comparable to Duck & Dry's infamous salon fresh sheen and gloss.


Lavish, large and luxurious the breakfast buffet features the regions local produce with a few unexpected guests.

Make your own muesli, tuck into a freshly made croissant, strudel or banana cake, pile your bowl with a bakery shop of breads (which simply must be combined with the local creamy butter).  Nab some cheese, cold cuts and smoked fish and work your way through every jam and honey your mind could imagine. For the health conscious Throw all your bits in the (horrendously noisy) juicer and and sample some of the rainbow platter of fruit which features the infamous apples the region is know for to the very tropical (and unexpected) lychees and dragon fruit. On top of this you can also order off of a daily changing menu- the breakfast buffet really does have it all.

Roberta served me each day, making me feel nurtured at the most ungodly hours of the morning. Always ensuring I had more than everything I needed, and quickly providing me with an essential coffee which provided some clarity before making my first adventure of the day... the breakfast bonanza.

We didn’t have dinner at the hotel however half board options are available.


As someone who has openly expressed battles with body confidence, the spa is somewhere that certainly helps restore that. Like an Ancient Greek montage, nude men and women of all ages sit in the sauna and steam room on their towels without a care in the world. Swimwear is banned so if you wish to cover up then the towel is all you are allowed. Letting go of all inhibitions, I opted for my birthday suit which felt rather exhilarating...

When I visited last year (not during COVID), there were afternoon "Aufguss" in the sauna. Truly, I do not know how to describe this other than as a nude sauna disco dance party. The experience involves electronic and techno music, aroma therapy oils, a lot of ice and a well defined man who impersonates a matador by shaking his a towel at you. The experience is unique.

A range of treatments are available in the spa as the Adler is inclusive of both traditional and modern approaches to wellness You can have everything from Botox, a full blood test, colonic, to Ayurvedic treatments. I had Elizabetta who did the most wonderful massage.


Located in the heart of Ortesei, a short walk to a range of chair lifts and even a furnicular. The hotel organises daily e-bike or hiking tours to local trails. I didn’t need the hire car once.

The drive from Verona airport is c. 2.5hrs and Venice is c. 3.5hrs.


Pure magic- I am already planning to revisit next year.


Address: Via Stufan, 5, 39046 Ortisei BZ, Italy

Packing Tips: Salomon, Quencha and Otrovox for the hikers and the cyclists, birthday suit for the spa aficionados

Dress Code: An Alpine adventure; think cashmere, cable knits, khaki and half zips

Local Restaurants: Tubladel, Mauritz Keller, Checcos

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