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Judicious June

A monastic month, planting fertile seeds for growth.

Enjoy, Bx.


It’s happening! SHE’S BACK!! Almond croissant adventures are getting a little upgrade…

With the aim to reassess London’s almond croissant scene, I will be re-examining my previous guide, frequenting firm favourites and journeying to new establishments with the aim of discovering London’s premium pastry offerings.

This specific focus on almond croissants is something I am (unsurprisingly) most excited about... The very thought of the delectable delight makes me slobbering like a large hound. Naturally, my mind flickers to thoughts of the perfectly sweet frangipane which oozes out of the luscious flaky exterior enrobing it. GET IN MY BELLY.

The welcomed shake up to my morning pastry date provides juicy pleasure seeking adventures, and I certainly will enjoy the ride… here are a few cheeky bad boys to get your tastebuds going.


Rael- Miracle Patches

Glow with Ava delivers yet again… last month I experienced a huge breakout, which completely diminished the (little) confidence I had in my appearance. In desperation I searched high and low for what would help, and Glow with Ava came to the rescue as always.

How do they work you may ask? The patches extract all the puss and impurities straight from the source, along with reducing inflammation and soothing your skin. The environment the patch creates allows the spot to calm, flatten and fade; not only the blemish but also my skinxiety.


Aromatherapy Associates - Support Equilibrium Bath Oil

When navigating the seas of change, it is important to build nourishing routines and rituals to help recenter; for me a hot bath is just that.

My evening ritual takes many forms; and I adore the novelty of trying new products which infuse the experience with a splash of something unique.

Aromatherapy Associate’s Support Equilibrium Bath & Shower Oil was created to harmonise tricky hormones, help focus the mind and re-ground emotions. The perfect counterbalance to demanding times and challenging feelings. Its delicate floral aroma combines rose, geranium and frankincense which are wonderfully comforting and contain uplifting powers which help lift spirits during any challenge.


The Jubilee weekend- I was fortunate enough to experience the Trooping of the Colour by the palace. Words cannot describe the feel of London as this took place… it was a truly special occasion and one that has imprinted on my mind forever.


"Ghost of a Podcast" by Jessica Lanyadoo

Astrology is a personal interest of mine, I have previously mentioned how by observing cycles of time and following the rhythms of nature helps bring deeper meaning to my life. For astrology specifically I use a mixture of resources- CHANI App, Francesca Oddie, The Astrology Vixen and I endlessly voice note one another, and I have frequent conversations with Noura who presents on Saturn Returns podcast.

One podcast which has helped further deepen my knowledge is “Ghost of a Podcast” hosted by Jessica Lanyadoo. Lanyadoo provides a collective horoscopes and gives personal readings to a (very lucky) listener each Sunday .

Why do I like it? Her straight foreword, no-nonsense, balanced, intuitive, and not excessively positive and shiny (like most) approach is refreshing. She carefully considers the energies all planets embody, how they interact with one another and its impact on the current climate. Lanyadoo thoughtfully summarises best personal practices for the week ahead, which I personally find very supportive and nourishing. Listen, you’ll thank me later.

Quote of the Month

"We only control what we don't trust"

- Glennon Doyle

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