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Joyous July

My monthly roundup, as requested, always something I adore sharing.

Enjoy, B x


Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Bath & Shower Oil

In Sanskrit, the work “sneha” translates to “oil” and “love”. This inherent correlation is the only proof I need to show that massage is a sensually nourishing experience which better helps strengthen both our minds and bodies.

For me, the beautiful art of self-massage is something which I want to encourage into my daily routine so stumbling across Aromatherapy Associates in Space NK felt like no accident. From the first inhale of their warming blend of rosemary, black pepper, lavender and ginger, my senses were tantalised, yearning to be lavished and bathe in a pool of their essential oils.


Ultimate Cowshed Facial by Kate at Soho Farmhouse

Like a broken record I could go on endlessly about how bodywork treatments are a form of therapy for me. They make me feel aligned, connected, and grounded with my body, something I often struggle with.

A trip to Soho Farmhouse, meant that Cowshed was a non-negotiable. As a seasoned spa-goer (la de dah), I can be a little bit of a snob. When unimpressed, the anxiety and frustration can often sink in, allowing little space for relaxation. However, this isn’t a story of disappointment. This is the story of my most favourite facial I have ever had in the whole entire world.

I have had a Cowshed Facial countless times, yet there was something magical about Kate at Farmhouse. She left me feeling relaxed, serene yet educated and informed, finally understanding my skin and body. A true definition of a therapist.


Do I have to choose but one? Well no, it is my blog after all..

Fin + Flounder: crowning myself as a new, seasoned local, the quality of their produce is unparalleled.

Gold: Thoughtfully seasonal sourced plates of a variety of sizes with a boho chic vibe.

Empress E9: Unexpected find after a stroll in Victoria park, this gastro-pub offers modern British food and impactful roast dinners.

Flavourtown: Novelty, fun, the human catnip brownie is not to be missed. My newest try was the nutella cookie- it melted in the middle oozing with the well known creamy consistency of roasted hazelnuts and chocolate of nutella, encased in a soft, melt in the mouth cookie. Gobble gobble!

Deliciously Ella App: After a creativity slump and a lot of meal repetitions, the app offered me a dose of inspiration in the kitchen which helped rekindle my love for cooking. The recipes are fuss free, quick, straight forward, nutritionally balanced and most importantly delicious


Almost 30 Podcast

Hosted by best friends Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik, the Almost 30 podcast offers a “supportive space to fuel your conscious evolution”.

As someone who is navigating a transitional time, their podcast has helped me feel more empowered, connected, and if I'm being honest- less alone. Our basic human need is to feel seen, and in some obscure way their podcast has supported me in feeling that.


Getting lost amongst galleries is a pastime which informed the forefront of July. I was close to extending last month's theme to this one. However one trip to Bicester Village soon changed that.

We are ultimately living in a material plane and so we must accept that we each have our own personal list of things we dream of; luxury holidays, a home, a degree, a husband, a dog, a “nice car”. I am slowly learning to become more unapologetic about how I use clothing, jewellry to express myself (or maybe unlearning that I think it is materialistic?).

Fashion is a way of expressing ourself authentically and in our purest form. We can embody different aspects of our personality; through different styles, colours, taking inspirations from periods of time, the natural world or whatever may take our fancy. Getting dressed up allows us to express our own unique character and by making an effort, or allowing ourselves the time and care to get dressed, we can ultimately shift the very energy of our day.

A Missoni dress is a piece of art, and something I have always dreamt of owning. The lightweight, delicate pieces with their unique spirited colour combinations allowed a flourishing in myself which I haven't seen in some time. The magic of placing this delicate piece of clothing as it glided over my skin, felt ethereal, almost otherworldly. Lit up, feeling transformed, renewed, yet fully myself. I felt whole. I have so missed feeling this way.

Quote of the Month

“We teach best what we most need to learn.”- Richard Bach

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